Hand Treatment Kits for Overwashed Hands!

You’ve probably heard this phrase just as much as “social distancing” or “flatten the curve”: Wash Your Hands! While washing your hands has always been a hygienic practice, the recommendation is to up the frequency that you do so in order to protect yourself as much as possible from being exposed to the virus.

This is a proven preventative that should be followed by everyone, but it does come with a cost - after using so much soap and sanitizer, you may notice your hands feel rougher or your skin cracking. This is an unfortunate side effect of increased exposure to these harsher chemicals, and should be addressed quickly to maintain healthy skin and reduce irritation!

Introducing the Bare Necessities revolutionary Rhonda Allison Hand Saver Treatment kit! Specifically designed to soothe and moisturize your skin so that redness/cracking caused by more washing will be reduced. This all-in-one hand treatment regimen includes designer Rhonda Allison skincare products such as Gentle Jojoba Beads, Therapy E Serum, and Drop of Essence Hydration Drops. 

Used in conjunction with each other, this skincare regimen for hands is the perfect combination to combat negative side effects that come from increased exposure to hot water, sanitizer, and harsh chemicals. 

When using the products, make sure to allow time for them to dry in between steps if using one after another. While you don’t have to strictly adhere to a certain time when you apply these products, you may see better results if used at nighttime before bed. If used in the morning, you run the risk of washing the products off during your morning routines, whereas at night they can absorb into your skin without interruption!

Aside from current events requiring us to put our hands through additional stress, this hand therapy set is perfect for those who frequently wash dishes (hot water + soap = unhappy hands!) or clean a lot with harsher chemicals like bleach without gloves.

Chronically dry hands can be painful for the individual and make everyday tasks unnecessarily uncomfortable. For those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or hand dermatitis, this kit could be a great addition to your facial skin care regimen as well, as it tackles the underlying symptoms that make those conditions very uncomfortable. 

Once your hands are silky smooth and fully moisturized, don’t forget about your face! You deserve to treat yourself regardless of whether you’re in our spa or at home. Our Rhonda Allison “Me Time” set is the perfect regimen that keeps your skin glowing and bright despite being cooped up inside all the time! 

In this kit, you will receive a full-sized Rhonda Allison cleanser, exfoliant, facial mask and eye revitalizer - the perfect combination that will have your skin thanking you for the extra attention!

Take care of your skin while staying at home! Check out some of our other product offerings and order skin care products online to maintain your healthy skin without leaving the house!

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