Top Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Regimen for Men

Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, you can get a new hip if you wear it out or you can even land a new knee. Lots of men who are aging do. But when it comes to your skin, it cannot be easily replaced.

Many attempts to restore or correct any past skin care mistakes with surgery can lead to many unnatural results – and some that are downright scary. If you want to age gracefully, the key lies in how you care for your skin – and doing so as early and as religiously as possible.

Adequately caring for your skin takes place inside as much as it does outside. Your diet, exercise practices, hydration, social life and what you do to your face every day plays a part in how your skin stands up to aging.

The good news is, if you know better, you can do better. Establishing solid skin care habits might require a bit of effort on your part but it is also less painful and expensive than going under the knife – and it can even produce nicer looking results in the long term!

What You Should Know about Skin Care for Men

Caring for your skin as a man requires a multi-faceted approach. Caring for your skin requires more than just slathering a high-quality serum or moisturizer on your skin two times a day. If you are a smoker who rarely drinks water and eats take-out nearly every day of the week and has a drink each night, you are going to need a lot more help.

Likewise, if you care for your body and treat it with respect while ensuring adequate nutrition and hydration, but don’t care for your skin from the outside as well, you will likely be disappointed with your results.

In this quick guide, we want to talk to you about how to care for your skin, both from the inside out and the outside in.

Skincare for Men from the Inside

Your skin’s beauty runs more than skin deep. Skin is the largest organ in the body and, just like any other bodily organ, your skin needs you to treat it well. Here are some ways you can care for your skin from the inside out.

Diet: Eat a diet full of nutritious and healthful foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating plant foods helps to keep your whole body healthy. This is because fruits and vegetables are loaded with Vitamin C, polyphenols, antioxidants, carotenoids like beta carotene, and flavonoids – each of which works to keep your skin in shape. These ingredients help to prevent oxidative stress, heal wounds and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles, crows feet and even dry skin.

Essential fatty acids are also important for keeping your skin tone where you want it, like those found in seeds and fatty fish like salmon. Fight visible signs of aging and help your skin to keep moisture locked in to keep the signs of aging at bay.

On the other hand, eating a diet high in processed or refined foods and carbohydrates can harm your skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating these foods and bad fats can contribute to skin aging. Keep healthier options on hand to prevent you from “caving” and grabbing something junky that can contribute to your skin feeling older.

Exercise: Sweat actually helps to keep your skin healthy. But the exercise-related benefits for your skin go beyond that. Exercise can also help to keep visible signs of aging at bay. A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, can lead to premature aging. The next time you are tempted to skip a workout, remember that your waistline is not the only part of your body that receives benefits.

Sleep: Aim to get at least seven hours and no more than nine hours of sleep each night. Without adequate sleep, your appearance can be affected.  From bags under your eyes to other signs of aging, research has proven that inadequate sleep can contribute to aging signs. One 2015 study found that poor sleepers had dry skin and were less satisfied with their appearance than those who slept well at night.

If you struggle with getting to bed at a decent hour, try creating a nighttime ritual that makes winding down more of a natural habit for you. Additionally, remember to turn your device off before crawling under the covers. Quality sleep should be a priority for those who want better skin.

Water: Water makes up over half of your body, making it important for every facet of human health. Your skin needs to be hydrated – from the inside out. Proper hydration makes a major difference in terms of your skin’s appearance and health. Strive to get eight 8-ounce glasses of water down each day.

One 2015 study proves the idea that water helps your skin. Drinking water was not only proven to improve skin hydration but also elasticity and other important biomechanical markers.

Eliminate bad habits: Smoking and excessive drinking can contribute to premature aging of the skin, in addition to a long list of other adverse health effects. Damaged elastin and collagen, dehydration, decreased blood flow and poor sleep quality can make you feel and look older. If you are struggling with either of these bad habits or others, seek help.

Skincare for Men from the Outside

Although a healthy body does a lot in terms of making your skin look healthier and more youthful, no matter how well you take care of your body, wrinkles will show up. This is why it is important to take care of your skin from the outside too, by using topical skin care. Dermatologists have been long studying products that will protect your skin and slow down the natural process of aging. Here are some top skincare tips and products for men.

Clean your skin: Your skin needs to be cleaned. Strive to wash it twice a day, using a gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Because the skin is not typically covered during the day, it is exposed to many different pollutants and elements. Dirty skin is not just about appearance – it is even more about the long term effects, which include acne, wrinkles, and microscopic damage.

Use a gentle cleanser, such as Rhonda Allison Antioxidant Complex Serum, which helps to keep wrinkles at bay while keeping skin hydrated:

Or, check or the Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser, which enhances the skin while cleansing problems that lead to acne:

Protect your skin: Sunscreen is not only necessary when you plan to spend a day poolside or at the park. It is imperative that you wear a skincare product with sunscreen in order to prevent the primary causes of premature ages – and even to reduce wrinkles! UV-related skin damage can happen over time, leading to wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dehydration, discoloration, and sagginess.

According to research, as much as 80% of premature skin aging takes place during the first twenty years of life! This means it is never to early to start arming yourself with solid SPF skincare products, like Rhonda Allison Daytime Defense with SPF 30, which doubles as a face moisturizer:

Treat your skin: You also need to use a daily moisturizer. Look for anti-aging cream for men products that work for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Reducing the signs of aging is a major matter of keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Look for a cream that acts as a sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging tool in one, like Eminence Organics Red Currant Protective Moisturizer, which features an exclusive Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex that improves your skin’s appearance while serving as a wrinkle cream for men and women alike:

Anti aging cream for men should also focus on the eye area, as we all know that wrinkles, dark circles, and crow's feet are virtually inevitable in these areas without help. Look for revitalizing anti aging cream products for men that use ingredients like jojoba oil or other helpful ingredients, like Eminence Organics Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream, which employs hyaluronic acid for the purpose of keeping skin looking young. This can be used morning and night, making it an ideal night cream to keep your skin looking supple and young.

Keeping your skin looking young and beautiful requires some work, but it is worth it. Take the time to establish good habits that make it easy for you to remember to apply these dermatologist-recommended tips for keeping your skin healthy every day.

When you make these steps a habit, taking care of your skin will become easy. Additionally, a lot of the habits you can develop to make your skin healthier can also lead to better health for your whole body. When done right, these tips can not only help you to enjoy younger-looking skin but possibly even a longer, healthier life!

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